Another Update! 8/14/19

Hey y’all!

The targeted antifascist had her preliminary hearing on 7/25, where the judge dismissed these bogus charges! Huge shoutout to the folx that came up to do court support. We packed the courtroom, and the Nazis in attendance were vastly outnumbered. Thank you!

After court, we watched the Nazis get a police escort back to their vehicle. #shocker

The DA still refused to return the activists’ belongings, stating that they’re part of an ongoing investigation. On Monday, 8/12/19, she was notified that SLED (SC Law Enforcement Division) plans to interview her on 8/20/19. Today, 8/14/19, she was notified that a warrant has been issued for a Google account. This is interesting because the arresting officer advised that he has access to her Google account, but no notice was ever served. This time, there was a notice.

Despite these charges being thrown out at the preliminary hearing, this activist continues to deal with ongoing harassment from the state and white supremacists.

Please continue to support us, if you can.

Stay tuned for updates.

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